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Darlings of Chelsea Fulham Showroom To Relaunch

Darlings of Chelsea

10 Dec 2018

With the launch of their brand new showroom at Parsons Green in January 2019, designer sofa specialists Darlings of Chelsea have dedicated their old Fulham store to their beloved beds and sofa beds. The ‘Darlings of Sleep’ showroom will reopen on the 4th of January and will feature their finest beds and sofa bed designs - including the Andreas range, the Felton range, the Brendon Sofa Bed and the Corby Storage Chaise Sofa Bed.

Starring traditional frames, modern fabrics and retro designs, Darlings have a diversified range to fit into different bedroom spaces, whether it be in a traditional mansion or a contemporary condo. So explore the relaxed, opulent store that has a feeling of serenity for customers to feel right at home.


With the Fulham showroom just a 15 minute walk away from the Parsons Green showroom, it is particularly convenient for customers looking to invest in a high-quality bed and a luxurious sofa at the same time.


There will also be a 35% off sale promotion in January to facilitate any purchases in the New Year.


Showroom Details:

9-13 Fulham High St

Fulham, London



T: 020 7371 5745

Opening Times:

Monday - Thursday: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Saturday: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Sunday: 11.00am - 5.00pm



Andreas Range

Andreas Double Low End Bed Frame: £915.00

Andreas King Low ENd Bed Frame: £985.00

Andreas Super King 4 Poster Bed Frame: £1,415.00

Andreas King 4 Poster Bed Frame: £1,315.00


Felton Range

Felton Double Bed: £1,050.00

Felton King Bed: £1,160.00

Felton Super King Bed: £1,290.00


Brendon Sofa Bed: £2,579.50


Corby Storage Chaise Sofa Bed: £3,223.50


Pantone Colour of the Year 2019 - Living Coral

Furniture Choice Ltd

10 Dec 2018

Spotted on fashion runways, social media, and even smartphones, coral is set to shine even brighter in 2019. Crowned as Pantone’s latest It colour, Living Coral is already making moves in the interior design world, emerging as a cheerful and versatile hue that adds personality to all parts of the home.


Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares 3 ways to introduce this vivacious colour to interiors.

1. Highlight it with decorative elements and accents

Living Coral radiates positivity and warmth, making it an expressive shade even in small doses. “Living Coral easily delivers a graphic pop to a space,” says Rebecca. “Introducing it through small elements will brighten up a room, creating a sense of cosiness that’s also fresh and chic.”

“Soften Living Coral’s energetic tone with cushions, throws and rugs for an inviting feel in the living room. The dining area can also benefit from this peachy hue. Elements like colourblocked plates and coasters perk up a table arrangement, and set the mood for dinner parties.”

2. Make a statement with coral furniture

Living Coral’s cheerful vibe can also be applied on a larger scale around the home. “This bubbly hue’s warm, nurturing qualities translate well to furniture, adding a bold and lively presence,” Rebecca advises.

“A coral-themed sofa plays up its positive, sunny vibes to incredible effect, and it can be paired with soft neutrals for an elegant space, or amped up for an all-out tropical aesthetic. Dining chairs are also a great fit for this peachy colour, lending a cheerful, engaging vibe to the space.”

“For a boost of productivity and colour, pop Living Coral into the home office. A coral chair instantly revitalizes the space with its warm, golden undertones – it also makes for a fun, inexpensive DIY project.”

3. Create contrast with colour blocking
Colour blocking is another chic way to introduce Living Coral to the home. Often seen as a Spring/Summer trend, matching this warm shade with other colours creates a striking contrast - a great way to tackle the winter blues.

“The best approach to play with this colour block trend is by taking it to the walls,” Rebecca says. “Living Coral can be paired with unexpected shades like mint for a fresh and on-trend aesthetic, or greys and blush tones for a softer statement look. This adds a natural, welcoming feel to a space while also showcasing the vivid, chromatic qualities of this dazzling, joyful colour.”

To download images for this release, please visit Press Loft. Alternatively, you can  email, or call Amthal Karim (0800 035 0070, ext: 224) or Rebecca Snowden (ext: 225).

About Furniture Choice

Founded in 2005, is an independent furniture retailer. The company combines a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class e-commerce expertise.
With a dedicated UK call-centre and an experienced quality control team in Asia, Furniture Choice is able to offer customers the greatest variety of high quality contemporary furniture and best-in-class customer service, backed-up with fast, free delivery and returns. To find out more visit

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