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Embargo lifted - Shaun the Sheep charity sleeping ...


12 Oct 2018

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Slumbersac have launched exclusive Shaun the Sheep sleeping bags
in association with Aardman and The Children’s Sleep Charity.

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Award-winning sleeping bag company Slumbersac are excited to announce their collaborative ‘Sheep Dreams’ partnership with Aardman and The Children’s Sleep Charity.

This fantastic partnership has launched today at the UK’s first ever Sleep Show (12th-14th October 2018) where Slumbersac have unveiled their new Shaun the Sheep sleeping bags alongside a delightful bedtime storybook, based on the Shaun the Sheep, Snore Warn Shaun episode, which includes bedtime tips provided by the charity.

Slumbersac have been working alongside The Children's Sleep Charity since 2016. The partnership was a no-brainer, as both companies believe that all parents and babies, deserve a great night's sleep, making the collaboration a perfect fit. Slumbersac’s award-winning sleeping bags help to keep babies and toddlers safe while they sleep. They promote a stable body temperature, avoiding overheating and thanks to the different tog ratings, they can be used at different times of the year to ensure children are cosy and comfortable at all times.

"We are delighted to be working alongside The Children's Sleep Charity and Aardman on the ‘Sheep Dreams’ partnership," says Rebecca Roper, Marketing Manager at Slumbersac. “This fantastic partnership will help us reach many more of the 11 million families suffering from sleep deprivation and raise awareness generally about the benefits of a good night’s sleep.”

As well as 7 ready-to-wear designs customers are also able to design their very own personalised Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag on the Slumbersac website, choosing not only the colour but also the style, whether it be long sleeve, sleeveless, or even Slumbersac's innovative sleeping bags with feet. They can then add their chosen Shaun the Sheep appliques and even personalise it with name embroidery, making it the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. The sleeping bags are available from sizes newborn to 10 years' old and priced from £19.99.

For every Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag sold Slumbersac will donate £1 to The Children's Sleep Charity.

You can view the full Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag collection at

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